Bringing the human touch to MedTech

With ever advancing technology and the increased use of Ai, it's no wonder the MedTech industry is booming. Add the post-pandemic era where digital interactions have become the norm, MedTech has already integrated into daily life in a way that would have previously felt futuristic and potentially a questionable prospect.  

In this rapidly evolving landscape, new healthcare services are emerging daily. Whether it’s through your social feeds, adverts on the tube or in your ear mid podcast; You can access online GP appointments, on-demand therapy, at-home fertility testing, personalised analysis gut health or blood sugars. You name it – there’s a new specialist service combining medical experts and advanced technology to bring you healthcare with convenience, speed and ease. 

While the world has moved forward and tech is an integral part of our daily lives, one thing remains the same. People seek assurance that their healthcare is provided by a qualified medical professional, by a human. The term 'bedside manner' exists for a reason; the human touch is crucial in delivering effective healthcare. This raises the question: How can brands harness their wealth of experience, expertise, and smart technology and package it in a way that is trusted, approachable and most important, human?

In our work with MedTech brands, bringing a warmer and friendlier tone has proven to be highly impactful.

This strategic shift has effectively removed an intimidating and unwelcoming feel, transforming these brands into something that feels more human, approachable and accessible.

Paul Fox – Creative Director

As a branding agency, we have encountered this challenge multiple times while working with both startups and established companies in the MedTech sector. The common starting point is often how to authentically and credibly convey the people and care behind the screens.

Our experience working with prominent healthcare companies such as HealthHero, Hertility, NHS, and leading medical product designers – Team Consulting has equipped us with unique insights into bridging the gap between advanced technology and the personal touch that is essential to the healthcare experience.

Hertility before and after
Hertility before and after
Setting a new standard with Hertility

During our initial meetings with the founders of Hertility, one thing became abundantly clear – they were deeply passionate about providing women with the healthcare they rightfully deserve. In a sector historically overlooked and underinvested in, they aimed to usher in a new era of healthcare, one that offers personalised and specialised care in an accessible way. This delicate balance between genuine care for women's health and a robust scientific foundation served as the source of inspiration for our creative process.

The identity we created feels sophisticated and trustworthy. The introduction of a modern serif typeface, somewhat unique for both healthcare and tech brands, felt appropriate due to its blend of slightly irregular forms and pointed triangle ascenders. It's a combination of sturdiness and elegance. This aesthetic carries through to the brand mark, a new symbol that represents women's healthcare, inspired by scientific symbols and an evolution of their previous uterus brand mark.

Brand elements for Hertility

The warm colour palette takes inspiration from skin tones and close-up images of real bodies, creating a powerful backdrop for headlines. These bodies are both familiar and anonymous, offering comfort to women who may be experiencing issues. Demonstrating an understanding of the need for empathy and discretion is invaluable in building trust.

While Hertility is firmly rooted in science, its tone of voice had to be approachable and free of jargon. Embarking on a fertility journey can be incredibly overwhelming, so it was crucial that a person's initial interaction with the brand be supportive, understanding and for want of another word, empowered them to access care, education and potentially treatment. While facts, figures, and data play a critical role, they must be delivered with a gentle, human touch, reminiscent of a doctor's bedside manner.

HealthHero before and after
HealthHero before and after
Creating connections with HealthHero

Our partnership with HealthHero started during a distinct phase of their company’s growth. They were consolidating various established healthcare services from across Europe under a single unified brand. HealthHero, as a digital-first healthcare company, places great importance on smart technology to deliver their services. However their core philosophy places patients at the forefront of their mission. 

Utilising smart technology to facilitate the connection, their primary objective is to establish an efficient and seamless healthcare ecosystem that better serves clinicians and patients. While the intention was evident, the terms ‘large medical company,’ ‘tech industry’ and ‘digital services’ typically don’t evoke associations with human connections. So the challenge was clear: place people and connections at the core of the creative and strategic process. 

Brand elements for HealthHero

Our unique brand symbol brings together the ‘H’ as a simple depiction of two people connecting, while also nodding to their brand mission to better connect the dots of healthcare. The dots and curved edges formed a design language that feels at home both in the tech and medical worlds. The system of connected boxes contain imagery and headlines that help to convey HealthHero’s voice and the people they represent. A vibrant colour palette injects personality and warmth to a clean and minimalist aesthetic giving it a contemporary look and feel. 

The tone of voice plays a vital role in reflecting the brand’s intentions. When the healthcare space is already jam-packed with jargon and complexity, HealthHero is here to cut through the noise. Speaking to you with empathy and knowledge, with language we can all understand. Or in other words, speaking with a human touch.