B2B branding gets brave

We’ll come right out and say it: B2B can be verrrry boring. But why? Who says it has to be all corporate-speak, weird grayscapes, and same-old same-old?

Dull and boring B2B? We don't think so. We push creative boundaries and treat our business to business clients like a customer facing campaign: it’s humans making decisions, after all.

Wanted: trust

But for B2B to succeed looking and sounding like B2C, you need confidence in your agency, a whole heap of trust, and a really decent client relationship. Why? Because it means we can push boundaries in a safe space.

Powering the world’s travel

Travelport is ahead of the game on this. Chances are, if you’ve popped online, got your favourite travel agent to book you a hotel room, car hire, flight, train - anything, anywhere, it’s probably been booked on Travelport+ software. But we’re talking software...

Powering 6 billion itineraries a day.
And 1 trillion transactions a year.

Where they were

But this legacy brand was fighting for air with their competitors. Up against Sabre and Amadeus, Travelport wanted to change the game. As the smaller of the three, they already had an independent spirit. We wanted them to be different. To showcase their independent thinking, give them a distinct voice, get people to sit up and notice, and disrupt the space.

There was one major thing stopping them: the legacy of their systems meant it was difficult for clients to actually use their software.

Change is for the brave

So they changed it. Built a brave new system connecting travel agencies and suppliers to a smoother, faster, and altogether smarter travel experience. They’re a fast, fearless global marketplace making travel simple for everyone they serve.

There’s no need for legacy, when you can be industry leaders.

Travelport looks at everything in a different way. Sees the world from different angles. And they’re on a mission to tell everyone about it, with bold visual assets and the voice we gave them.

They look, talk and sound like the global brand they should and it’s all because of this: Change is for the brave.