Rent. Wear. Rotate. The sustainable way for fashion.

Sustainability and style. Is it even possible? With the rise of subscription services as the norm, can it successfully be applied to fashion? We’ve seen high-end womenswear rentals (ahem, it’s the only chance we’ll get to wear head-to-toe Vampire’s Wife). But we haven’t seen it in cool kidswear. Until now.

Enter OR: the first design-led kids clothes rental membership business. It stands for On Rotation, and it was started in 2022 by the ex-head of buying at COS, Bliss Staple.

We were after a playful energy, paired with a minimal, modern set and styling; giving a nod to our brand aesthetic whilst also capturing the fun that kids naturally bring.

Bliss Staple Founder on photography for the shoot.
The ask

We were asked to develop the brand identity system, art direction style, website and packaging.

This was a project that really chimed with our values. And for us it was about finding that sweet spot between simplicity and playfulness. With an audience who appreciates the collections OR curates, and has a firm eye on being kinder to the planet, we wanted to create something that felt accessible - and is engaging - for everyone.

The aesthetic

OR wanted a look and feel that reflects their philosophy of waste reduction and minimal aesthetic and we want to translate this throughout the brand touchpoints. From the typography - Euclid Circular from Swiss Typefaces - that gives the identity a friendly and clean appearance - to the whole user experience on their website.

The storytelling

When babies grow out of seven sizes in the first two years, tonnes of hardly used clothes end up in landfill. A major challenge was landing the rental model itself: making it feel acceptable and easily understood to consumers.

Alongside the wordmark we introduced the line... Rent. Wear. Rotate. Having a line like this brings immediacy: it’s obvious what the company model is all about.

Making it easy – clothing can be rotated at any point during the subscription, picked up and delivered directly to the door.
Making it easy – clothing can be rotated at any point during the subscription, picked up and delivered directly to the door.
The purpose

All the way through the creative process, we wanted to strongly communicate the purpose of the company, which is all about reducing waste.

We created a symbol that was reduced to the bare minimum. It has an innocence that reflects the simple shapes you see in kids toys and books, but has a minimal aesthetic that will also appeal to adults.

Part of the brief was to future proof the identity with the possibility of OR moving into adult clothing rental, so it was important having an identity that wasn’t overly childlike.

Paul Fox
The colours

We kept brand colours minimal: black, white, and a range of warm greys to compliment the clothing. We also added a hint of colour we’re calling sunset orange to add a pop of brightness in places, which also reflects some of the clothing collections.

The movement

As OR is short for On Rotation - we wanted to introduce an element of continuous movement in the identity to reflect how the brand works. Because of the simplistic nature of the wordmark, it allowed us to easily bring it to life in motion, bringing an element of playfulness.

A design-led approach to the identity and a very straightforward user experience on the website removes the complication of some subscription sites out there. So if you’re a rental pro or a complete newbie, you’re on board with it in an instant.

Bliss Staple