Team Consulting

Team Consulting provide award-winning services in medical device development. They work with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We worked closely with Team to create a new identity, building on the foundations of their existing brand, with a clear, concise and confident look and feel. We used a monochrome colour palette to allow Team’s work, people and expertise to be centre stage.

  • Brand identity
  • Guidelines
  • Animation
  • Editorial
  • Illustrations
  • Symbol

    We developed Team's symbol into a contemporary mark that remains relevant in today's world.

  • Parallel pushed our re-brand way beyond what we imagined.

    They're so easy to work with and have been a perfect creative partner for us over the past 8 years.

    Vicky Shipton
    Head of Marketing

  • Editorial

    In addition to the branding, we've designed their printed publication called Insight. Here, Team Consulting write about their opinions and thoughts on the world of medical devices and healthcare. We commissioned illustrators to craft bespoke artworks for each issue.


Paul Ellerker Trev Townsend Tijl Schneider Paul Fox Jade Kent Elliot Plows Paul Kelly Jack Bedford Vicky Shipton

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